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Video of Hurricane Fiona's Severe Impact on Prince Edward Island Is Going Viral

We often make the mistake of thinking that hurricanes are a phenomenon relegated only to the tropics. However, while hurricanes start in warm tropical waters, the more powerful ones can potentially travel far beyond the tropics- in this case, as far north as Canada.

A week ago, Hurricane Fiona hit the Caribbean hard, leaving Puerto Rico decimated and without power. The hurricane did not die down, though- from there, it traveled all the way up to Prince Edward Island- and as this chilling video from shows, it still brought with it immense destructive force.

This is shocking. The idea that any hurricane could be so powerful that it could travel up from the Caribbean to Canada while still maintaining that level of destructive power is truly frightening. As if things weren't bad enough for the people of Puerto Rico right now, their far-Northern neighbors are now struggling with damage too. Prince Edward Island is not an area built to withstand hurricanes, and much of the local infrastructure has been hit hard.

For the family behind this video, there was nothing to be done but ride out the storm. Commenters gave their well-wishes. "I'm from Sydney and I heard that PEI in Newfoundland are half underwater. Hope you are safe 🙏," @jaimedetheridge7 said. "Being in FL, I know this all too well. Preparing ourselves for next week. Be safe and take care," @fsu_noles22 empathized- referring to the incoming Hurricane Ian. This year's hurricane season is definitely in full force.

"I’m from PEI and it’s brutal here too, we lost so many trees and we lost a whole wall of siding on our house ffs. I hope the worst of it is over," commented another user. We are deeply sorry to hear that so many are being hit hard by this brutal storm. From Puerto Rico to Canada, we hope that everyone affected by this horrible hurricane makes it through alive and well, and that they and their communities can recover quickly from the aftermath. If you'd like to help, donate to some of the organizations that are streamlining relief efforts in Puerto Rico and Canada.