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Video of the Lone 'Hula Girl' on 'It's a Small World' Ride at Disneyland Is Making People Sad

What happened to the rest of them?

It's impossible to go to a Disney park without riding "It's A Small World." Sure, the song will definitely get in your head and stay there for the rest of the day, but it's a classic — and now that the ride and everything in it are more than 50 years old, it's practically a museum. But with that age comes a few technical difficulties, which Disney is usually on top of... except this time.

During a recent trip through the ride at Disneyland, @disneyclipsca shared footage on TikTok of the Hawaiian scene not being quite what it's supposed to be. Instead of multiple hula girls dancing, there's just one... and she appears to be working overtime trying to entertain the crowd all by herself.

According to commenters, there are usually five hula girls in this scene, which means there must be some major maintenance going on here. Different animatronics in the ride are known to malfunction and break down every now and then (like we said, it's been in the park for decades) but Disney cast members usually get everything replaced pretty quickly. 

But for now, it's up to this one hula girl to carry the show on her back... and she's killing it, as commenters were happy to point out. 

"She is carrying the whole ride... she is just giving everything she can give... yes queen!!!" one person wrote.

"At Disney World one of them had to be taken out because it wasn’t working right and some of them are still there," another added.

We hope this hula girl is joined by her hula friends soon!