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Man's Hilarious Comparison of Hotels vs. Airbnbs Couldn't Be More Accurate

When choosing accommodations for a vacation, many of us are faced with a dilemma: hotels or Airbnb? While arguments can be made for both sides in the hotels vs Airbnb argument, today let's hear an argument that's seemingly in favor of the hotel side.

Matt Buechele, under the TikTok username @mattbooshell, hopped on the app to do a little bit of ranting. What was his gripe? He laid out a pretty scathing comparison between hotels and Airbnbs that has us leaning in favor of a hotel stay for our next trip! Clearly, he was a bit fed up with the generic Airbnb experience!

We gotta admit, he makes a pretty convincing argument. Both checking in and checking out of a hotel are typically less complex experiences than with Airbnb, and the entertainment options are better. Plus, unless you pull a rockstar move and really trash the hotel room, you don't have to worry about getting hit with a big cleaning fee!

This video gave many users a chance to vent about their own sour Airbnb/Vrbo/etc experiences! "I had to take out the trash down a mountain in my car when I checked out of an Airbnb and they texted me to say I left 3 pieces of trash behind 😑😑😑," complained @oohla.lisa. "The checkout is the one that gets me. $100 cleaning fee only to receive a chore list at the end of each stay," agreed @talli_approved. "We stayed in VRBO and spent 3 hours cleaning the place according to the instructions in the binder and then she gave us a 2/5 on cleanliness," vented @alyssapane.

There are deeper reasons why one might favor hotels over Airbnbs, too. "Not to mention the AirBnB is incredibly harmful to local housing markets, since people buy properties just to rent them and cause prices to go up," said @commodoreblue. That is a common complaint, and it's become such a problem that many areas are strictly limiting or even banning Airbnbs and similar arrangements! Dang, another score for hotels.

We think hotels have squarely won this round in the battle. Matt Buechele did such a good job advocating for the hotel experience that the official @hotelsdotcom TikTok account popped in: "PREACH… @matt buechele as official spokesperson of all hotels, who's with us?" That's one heck of a gig, Matt... nice job! LOL!

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