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Man's Reaction to His Massive Hotel Suite in Singapore Is Totally Epic

Singapore is a small Southeast Asian country that often gets overlooked compared to the much larger countries surrounding it. However, with its booming yet stable economy and high GDP, Singapore has a lot of luxury to offer. One visitor would learn just how chic his stay in Singapore could get with a pleasant surprise.

Australian DJ @sparkle_is_back was unexpectedly upgraded from his hotel room to a penthouse suite at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. The massive suite he would be given was insanely luxurious!

Holy cow... to say this man won the jackpot is the understatement of the century. It's a shame that he was traveling solo- you could easily fit a dozen people in here! As he himself expressed, the only downside was he had no one to party in this massive suite with. There's even a pool table in the suite! Our DJ friend must have felt like a billionaire that day. We don't blame him for indulging in a little victory dance at the end!

So how did he score such a deluxe upgrade? He had a guess: "I was very nice when I checked in. I also think because it was a Monday night for one night and also people from China can’t travel at the moment." Being nice to the hotel staff, combined with a little bit of luck, can get your pretty far in life!

Even beyond the suite, the hotel itself is incredible, as former guests could attest. "Video the rooftop pool. So cool. The fresh cinnamon roll station at the huge breakfast buffet is heaven," recommended @paulkaz2. Cinnamon roll station? Is this heaven?

"Amazing place. Walk to botanic garden light show at night. Get up early for pool. The buffet is awesome too" advised @adayinoneplace. "MBS hotel is the best hotel I’ve stayed in, my room faced into the city and the blinds opening every time I opened the door was amazing," remembered @goosetav1.

Sounds like Marina Bay Sands is the place to be if you're staying in Singapore. And who knows- if you get really lucky, and you're courteous to the staff, you may even get an upgrade to a suite like this one!

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