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Comedian's Confusion Over 'Sparkling' Hotel Bedroom Is LOL Funny

Listen, we've all misheard something someone said before- it happens. If you're lucky, you catch it quick, figure out what was actually said, and play it off real cool. If you take what you heard at face value though, your expectations might end up in a twist! 

Australian comedian @alright.hey was checking into their hotel when they heard something surprising and delightful. The hotel receptionist informed them that they'd be staying in the "sparkling" bedroom! 

Oh... sorry, we meant to say spa king bedroom. At least that explains the receptionist's confusion, though- he just watched his glittery guest imply that they were a "Spa King" too! LMAO! Well, as glitzy as an actual sparkling bedroom sounds, we'd probably take the spa bath and king bed if we had to choose!

Commenters were cracking up at the comedian's regal new title!  "CACKLING he’s in the staff room like ‘There was a person who said they were the spa king’," laughed @coloursandhoney. "If I was going to be taking a spa bath and chilling in a king bed I'd call myself the Spa King anyway," @niamhmac_17 affirmed. 

Others sympathized with their disappointment upon realizing their hotel room was without sparkles. "More hotel rooms need diamonds in the walls and rhinestones on the lamps!" @mr_sosotris agreed. "Hotels need sparkling bedrooms. My girls would love this," @verytame365 echoed the sentiment. 

Although the incident led to a lot of laughs, @alright.hey admitted to feeling a bit embarrassed about it. Luckily, one of their followers, @boothewitch, came through with a doozy of a mishearing mishap:

 "When I checked into a hotel with an ex, we were told we were being upgraded but it was an accessible bathroom... He thought they said the bathroom was inaccessible and said "do I have to p*** in the sink then." 

OMG! Now that out-awkwards @alright.hey's story by a long shot (and hopefully makes them feel a bit better about a very innocent mix-up).

In our opinion, the best way to handle this situation is to simply roll with it. If you've mistakenly implied that you're the Spa King, then go all in on being the Spa King.  If nothing else, it sounds like an excellent royal title to have!

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