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Hotel in Serbia With Inground Pools in the Rooms Is Something Else

For lots of travelers, one of the first things many like to do after arriving at their hotel is strip down to their bathing suits and head poolside. But what if you didn't even have to leave your room to go swimming? That's the option guests at the Marconio Wellness Club have.

A collection of luxury suites in Belgrade, Serbia, the Marconio Wellness Club has private pools inside every room! TikTok user @lussysmiles booked a stay there and showed off her room- it's really something else.

Wowwww... this is deluxe. It's not just a swimming pool, either... you get a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, and even an entertainment center, so you can play a movie while you're taking a dip! The room may be £200/ $227 a night, but with all that's included with it, the price seems more than fair. Besides, unlike a public pool, you can go skinny dipping in this one...

On the other hand, it's exactly that level of privacy that had some viewers concerned- because if you can skinny dip in there, what else might guests be getting away with? "That pool has seen some things," @ashlynnnoxo said. "I hope they drain that water after every visit," mused @shortscorpio. If nothing else, we at least hope they're keeping up with the chlorine in that thing.

Slight squickiness aside, this is still pretty cool, and people were amazed by how much you get for the price of the room. "Did you miss a zero off???" asked @fmr9944 in disbelief. "£200 where I’m from is an overnight stay in someone’s attic with no windows," quipped @scottpoww. "I paid £150+ to stay in The Amsterdam in Brighton and the only pool I got was the leak from the balcony door," said @princesschioe.

Who knew that such luxury accommodations were hidden in the heart of Belgrade? This place is a swanky stay for anyone who wants to enjoy a truly luxurious experience in the Serbian capital.

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