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Flight Attendant Offers Valuable Hotel Safety Tips That Shouldn't Be Ignored

It's important to stay safe and savvy when traveling solo. This goes for every part of your trip- not just while you're on the go, but while you're settled down at your hotel, too!

TikTok user @cici_inthesky knows a thing or two about solo travel- she's a flight attendant! This jet-setting lady has tons of practical experience and imparts her solo travel wisdom to her TikTok followers. In one of her recent videos, she shared some important tips on how to keep yourself safe when staying at a hotel!

This is excellent information for any traveler to take to heart. It's great practical advice that's easy to follow- it's not fearmongering, but it doesn't try to downplay risks either. It clearly comes from experience, too, as she recounts a recent event that happened to her! We could use more practical expert advice like this out there!

Other seasoned travelers had advice of their own to share in the comments, too. "You forgot to add, leave a note in your room with your itinerary, what time you left and what time you plan to be back. I call it leaving breadcrumbs," advised @fli_gurl. "And when entering the room for the 1st time, I prop luggage on the door and check to make sure no one is hiding under the bed, closet or bathroom," added @leacso."Here’s one: ask what county your hotel is in. News stations broadcast tornado/hurricane warnings by county…." suggested @brucedobrient.

Sometimes these travel tips may seem a bit overcautious, but a few preventative measures can go a long way towards keeping you safe while you visit an unfamiliar locale!