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Hilarious Video About the Reality of Hotel Room Coffee is All Too Real

Hotel coffee makers, now that's a topic of conversation in itself! Let's face it, whether its coffee at a standard motel or even at the finest and most luxurious 5-Star rated hotels, in-room coffee just doesn't cut it. Hotel execs, listen up. Coffee is crucial to millions of people around the globe, and trust us, you'll have us all choosing your destination/brand as long as you provide fresh brewed, delicious coffee!

TikTok video creator @meaghanranee shares this hilarious video after making a cup of crappy pod hotel room coffee. Oh, her face. Ha Ha! Check it out. It's all too real! 

TikTok fans' comments are candid and hilarious! We are literally laughing out loud! The strong majority agree and love her video content, especially the gagging! User @thekellylanes writes, "I’ve never related to something else so much." Us too, and we thought it was just us. Ha Ha! Another hilarious but kind of scary comment from @jurassicgecko was, "I’m confident people clean their socks in hotel room coffee makers." Say it isn't so, we sure hope that they don't! Commenter @raethonvolio states, "Thank you. I thought I was alone is this world." Why do we continue to think it will not happen again and again! Fan @thecoffeesnob declares, "Lol truth! I can testify." 

Next time you're in a hotel you may want to read the coffee label before consuming.  Below the ingredients it probably has in that super fine print "drink at your own risk." 

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