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Woman’s Over-the-Top Hotel Room Cleaning Hacks Are Causing a Major Stir

Let’s get real for a second. It doesn’t matter how luxurious a hotel is. Unless you’re part of the housekeeping staff, it’s impossible to know just how much deep cleaning really goes into servicing rooms in between guests. While things might look sparkly shiny on the surface, you never know what germs might be hidden in plain sight.

Because of this uncertainty, there are some people who take matters into their own hands to give their hotel room a good once-over before settling in. One such individual is TikTok creator @shadiersandy, who recently shared a viral video of her impressive and thorough hotel cleaning hacks. In the clip, she walks us through what she does each and every time she checks into a room. Her tips are super useful and will definitely make you think twice about where you’re laying your head at night! However, what she has to share is also causing a bit of a stir!

Whoa. Ok, so most of us have thought to bring along a pack of Clorox wipes to clean off the remote and maybe the in-room phone. But it’s safe to say the majority of people don’t bring along a personal sleep sack. (Though it does look pretty cozy.) TikTok users who watched the video are a bit divided over whether her cleaning hacks are a little too over-the-top, or whether this is something everyone should do upon checking into a room.

One commenter, @Chloe didn’t hold back, saying, “I hop in those beds like I ain’t ever slept in one 😂, and touching everything 😅.” LOL! (You do you, Chloe.) Another TikTok user, @Bernadette Wilson sided with the creator, Sandy, saying, “I bring my own sheets, blankets, and pillows. Also, Lysol everything from faucets to light switches.” Hey, whatever makes you feel comfortable, right?

But it’s the white duvet cover on the bed that really has people talking. @Crysty Garrett said, “I worked for Marriott and Hilton. That’s why everything IS white now. The duvets and sheets DO gets washed. All of them.” Please, please let that be true. Another fan of the video added, “My mom works at a hotel that isn’t even that nice and she says they wash and clean everything, so maybe it’s where y’all are staying 😂.” Sandy replied with, “100% they do NOT wash the comforter/blanket between each guest. I don’t care if it’s motel 6 or Ritz Carlton. They do NOT.” All we can say is, “Yikes!”

When it come to taking extra cleaning measures in a hotel room, we say, to each their own. But it certainly can’t hurt to keep Sandy’s tips in your back pocket. You never know when things might not be quite up to par and they’ll come in handy.