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Man Claims Requesting ‘Room 420’ in Hotels Comes With an Unexpected Surprise

When checking into a hotel, some people always put in specific room requests. Maybe it’s a room near or away from the elevator, on a lower or higher floor, or with a view of the location’s surroundings. But if you really want to get lucky when choosing the perfect hotel room, you might want to pay attention to a new TikTok video from @d3adskulls. With over 2 million views and counting, this guy just might be on to something.

As you’ll see in the clip, the creator suggests, “Always ask for room 420 and check under the mattress.” He captioned the post with, “I always ask for room 420 cuz you never know what you’ll find.” After watching the video for the big reveal, we were pretty surprised by what he found.

Ok, so is finding hidden money in hotel rooms really a thing? And what about requesting room 420? Based on the number, we expected him to find something, ahem, else under that mattress as opposed to wads of cash. (Many people who watched the video were also anticipating the same thing.)

Some people aren’t quite convinced that something like this actually happens. TikTok user @he/he weighed in, saying, “I’ve worked housekeeping. I promise you we ain’t leaving behind that kinda money.” Another hotel worker, @bitterbean_ added, “As someone who has worked in hotels, no. That’s not a thing. Housekeeping would take it. They check under the beds.” Other commenters are convinced the whole setup was staged.

But despite the naysayers, apparently there are people who do find money in their rooms. User @Sean Roshon noted, “You always check behind the thermostat in a room for money.” 

As for the 420 thing? Apparently some people can’t resist the allure of that number. @Seide said, “At my hotel, room 420 has one of the most stolen room signs… wonder why?” LOL. Exactly nobody is wondering why.

So, is asking to stay in room 420 worth a shot? On the off chance there really is money under the mattress, it certainly can’t hurt.

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