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Hotel Housekeeping's 'Special' Treatment of Stuffed Animal Left in the Room Is the Best

Not everyone would go above and beyond like this.

Many of us can remember never going anywhere without a beloved stuffed animal, even on vacation, as kids, and some people have carried that habit on as adults while traveling. It can offer a little bit of comfort when you're away from home, after all. And are you really ever too old to love an adorable plushie? 

There's one woman on TikTok (@itsnicolemary) who frequently posts about her pink cow from Build-a-Bear, Strawberry Milk. When she took the cow with her to a hotel, she left it on the bed, and housekeeping got creative when they came into clean her room and found Strawberry Milk there.

When Nicole-Mary came back to her hotel room, she discovered that her beloved cow had been perfectly swaddled up in the bed, laying between the pillows. She looks so comfy! And not only was it cute to see the cow all bundled up, it really goes to show how certain hotel housekeepers really go above and beyond to make their guests' stay special. 

"So cute I might cry," she wrote in her caption. It seems like the extra effort really made her day! 

According to commenters on the video, those who have worked as housekeepers really love this part of their job.

"Tucking plushies in was THE highlight of my day when I worked in housekeeping," one former hotel worker wrote.

"When I was a housekeeper I always tucked stuffed animals into bed and put the remote under their hand," another wrote.

That extra bit of love really makes a difference in so many people's trips. Goodness still does exist in the world.