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4 Simple Hotel Hacks Make Life So Much Easier for Housekeeping

Even when we're relaxing on vacation-or in a rush to vacate our hotel room on time, we should consider the people who come in and clean up after us. Unlike Airbnbs, you don't have to handle the majority of cleaning your hotel room. Still, no one likes to clean up a trashed room, and housekeeping staff have tons of other rooms to clean as well.

How can we help the housekeeping staff while we're checking out of a hotel? Travel safety expert @everydayarmor shares her four favorite hotel hacks!

We love this because it's all so easy and quick to do, yet it saves the housekeeping staff so much time with clean-up. By piling up the bedsheets, towels, and trash in their respective spots, it's simple for the housekeeper to pick everything up quickly and transport it to either the laundry room or the dumpster, and by putting away all accessories in their proper place, that's one less thing the housekeeper has to worry about, too.

Even as simple as these hacks are, though, some weren't on board. "Ya no. I’ll do some of these things but halfway cleaning a room isn’t why I’m there," stated @redsjr1. "I like being helpful, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do all this," said @callmeoldfashionednc. Frankly, though, we think this is a bit of stinkin' thinkin'. All of this together takes, what, five minutes tops? Unless checkout is at 11 am and it's 10:59, you have enough time to do at least some of this, and it's much more considerate of the staff that works hard to clean up after you. Even when she doesn't have time to do all of this, @everydayarmor does her best: "Tbh I don’t do it all all the time either but even doing a couple of them like towels and trash goes a long way!"

Helpful habits like these are really appreciated by the staff, too. "I was a housekeeper in high school and I do this 100% of the time when I stay in a hotel!!!" chimed in @korey_l. That's somebody who knows from experience what hard work it is, and does their share to help out even just a little bit!

Of course, there's one more tip that wasn't included in the video: "You forgot 'Leave A Tip'!" added @donnabellaocean. Possibly the most important, and most considerate, advice of all!

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