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Mom's Hacks for Staying at a Hotel With a Baby Are Game-Changers

Traveling with a little one doesn't have to be an ordeal!

No matter how much of an experienced traveler you are before you have kids, the first time you travel with kids will absolutely throw you for a loop. Forget packing light — they need tons of stuff, especially if they happen to be babies. It can be such a hassle, but usually, that hassle is worth it for the memories you end up making along the way.

And if you're planning a trip that involves a baby soon, this TikTok video from @brit617 might help. She's sharing her hacks to make staying in a hotel with a baby easier, and considering that can be one of the most stressful parts of traveling with kids, we're all ears! 

She shared tips like using a hanger with pants clips on it to keep the curtains closed, which will make sure the room stays dark and the baby doesn't wake too early, or using the ice bags in the room to hold dirty diapers. She also advised laying down a sheet to create a clean play area for a small baby on the floor. 

One of her tips also included sticking a pillow under the fitted sheet of the bed to create a barrier, but that might be better suited for toddlers who have to sleep in a grown up bed. Some hotels even offer bed rails for young guests if you check with the front desk! 

Staying in a hotel with babies (especially those who might cry for a long time during the night) can be really stressful when you're worried about disturbing other guests... not to mention trying to parent in an unfamiliar, non-child proofed environment. But these tips should help make it at least a little bit easier.

Good luck out there!