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Flight Attendant's Nifty Hotel Door Safety Hack Is a Total Must-Try

When traveling the world alone, one can never be too careful. Safety is paramount, and you should be able to relax and enjoy your trip. Traveling solo just means adding an extra layer of caution. Once safely in your hotel or motel room, you should feel protected. And you usually are.

What follows are some safety tips for staying in a hotel alone, and how to make sure your room is safe: Never publicize your room number, know where the fire exits are located, put a heavy weighted item against the door, lock all windows, pull the drapes closed, while out sightseeing, carry the hotel's information card on your person, and MOST importantly is to always trust your instincts. (your gut knows!)

A big "thank you" to TikTok user @aviate.with.ana. With her flight attendant knowledge, she shares an easy and simple hack to make the hotel door extra safe and secure.

I think we all have had this happen a few times while traveling and can relate. And fellow TikTok user @applesaucemistakes explains to us as a former front desk person,
"I recommend doing stuff like this. Guests accidentally walking in or giving the wrong key card happens from time to time." It's so true! You just never know. Another comment from @wooshywatermelonuser simply states, "Genius"! And fellow flight attendant and TikTok user @djbarton8's reaction confirms the tip, saying, "This is what I used to do when I was a flight attendant."

You can never be too cautious, and as the old saying goes, "better safe than sorry." There's no place like home, but feeling safe and secure in your hotel room is second best! Safe travels, all!