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Woman's Demonstration of How To Open a Deadbolt From the Outside Is Pretty Scary

Travelers who spend a lot of time on the road are often concerned about hotel safety tips. Many travelers share tips and tricks they use to keep safe during their hotel stays. A popular suggestion is to bring an extra door lock, because sometimes, the hotel door's locks aren't enough.

Some people think that the extra lock is unnecessary as long as you've got your deadbolt latched, too. However, this demonstration by TikTok user @nichellelaus demonstrates how upsettingly easy it is to open a deadbolt from the outside.

Welp. OK then. Honestly, before this video, we were honestly of the mindset that you're probably good as long as you've got your deadbolts latched. After seeing this video, however, we can really see the merit in bringing along an additional door lock! You can never be too safe- especially if someone is determined enough to try and get in this way. 

"Well now I can’t be safe. New fear unlocked," stressed @jmesiti88. While we can understand having an anxious reaction, don't let it overwhelm you- just be aware that you might want to take some extra precautions when staying at a hotel. "I just stayed at a hotel and I had a door stop type tool (w/o alarm) for my door. I felt much more safe," shared @italiangirl747. Bringing along a backup lock like this can definitely help with peace-of-mind.

Even if you don't have an extra door lock, though, some commenters had some pretty savvy advice on how to improvise something to do the trick. "Saw another hack to slot in face towel or hand towel into the closing latch gap so they can’t push the door to even reach in," @karen.k0h gave their two cents. 

While break-ins like this are unlikely, it always pays to be safe, especially if you're staying in an area where break-ins are common. Taking extra precautions to prevent against stuff like this while staying in a hotel will help ensure that your stay is safe and peaceful!

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