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Video Showing Hotel Check-Ins by Boat in Venice Is Another Reason to Love Italy

Venice's many beautiful canals have inspired romance for centuries. The archetypal idea of a loving couple gliding along the Venetian canals in a gondola is an iconic image that has stood the test of time. It makes everything there seem a bit more charming, even the most mundane parts of life!

TikTok user @bellaofoz caught an interesting sight as she stood on a bridge overlooking one of these canals. In this video, she caught someone checking into the their hotel and having their luggage unloaded by the concierge straight from the boat!

It's funny to consider how much perspective matters here. To Venetians, this is just a normal, everyday sight- but to those of us not from Venice, it's quaint and speaks to the city's old-world charm, showing how even the mundane can be elevated into something more charming and romantic!

Nowhere was the discrepancy between those familiar with Venice and those who were not more apparent than in the comments. Many viewers were charmed by the scene! "I love this classic boat," admired @stevenfreehugs. "Very James Bond," observed @chimera997. 

Those more familiar with Venice, though, were quick to point out the mundanities behind the scene. "No. Hotel check-in when you've got many euros to spend on a private boat. Most of us arrive by train, or take the vaporetto, and then drag our bags!" stated @charliepellettnyc. Ah, well, there's always a catch. 

Still, we don't think the added context lessens the city's timeless charm any! The Italian viewers would seem to agree. As one user with the screen name Fabio Negrato said, "L’Italia il paese più bello del mondo"- "Italy is the most beautiful country in the world."

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