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Woman Shares the First Thing She Does Upon Hotel Check-in and People Have Opinions

We ALL have quirks and wacky ritual habits, YES, even you, but to you, it's your "normal." While your routines may seem OCD to others, to you, its your way of life. 

TikTok video creator @rachelsheppick openly shares the rituals she does when first checking into a hotel room. We have to admit, we also do a few of these, and honestly, who can blame us?! Check out her clip to see if you are a fan or foe of her routine. You may even pick up a few new ones to add to yours.

Hey, there's really no way to know how well those rooms are cleaned, right? Of course, TikTok fans always have opinions. Some relate to her routines and habits, and others say she is way to obsessive. User @mauiwowi123 writes, "It must be exhausting to be this paranoid about germs, but I understand because I have anxiety about other stuff." We also grasp her patterns, as we have our own, too! 

Viewer @mike_delaossa says, "I’m too lazy for this, I just tell myself I'm building my immune system or something." Haha, now that's a great way to trick your brain! Commenter @lalaland34972 states, "As a housekeeper, I promise we do our job at least where I’m at. Clean sheets. All counters showers disinfected." We're thankful for all housekeepers, especially ones who take extra care in their jobs!

Whether you're always organizing, cleaning, counting, or constantly checking things repeatedly, we all have our quirks that make us feel more comfortable while traveling. Hey, to each their own, right?