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Video Showing Typical Life of 'Resident Hotel Cats' in Europe Is Beyond Incredible

We used to think that no one has it better than a cat living in a fancy home. Now, however, we know that actually, no one has it better than a cat living at a luxury hotel!Several high-end luxury hotels have "resident hotel cats" that are honorary permanent guests and live in comfort.

The TikTok account @oetkercollection, dedicated to documenting masterpiece hotels and villas around the globe, made a video showing off a few of the favorite hotel cats they've met. These cats are living the dream life!

Can we admit that we're a little bit jealous? Unlimited free milk, delicious fish cakes on their birthdays, and the constant adoration of guests and staff alike. These cute kitties want for absolutely nothing! They get to live their lives in some of the most expensive and ostentations hotels in the world for free... they don't know how good they have it!

On the other hand, they do give something to the hotels in return... a bit of publicity. After seeing this video, tons of viewers were clamoring to visit. "Where they are?? I book now," demanded @frenchisbetter. "Le Bristol Paris, The Lanesborough in London, and Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden!" @oetkercollection replied. Got it, taking notes...

"I would come stay here just for the cat. 10/10 marketing skills right here," @celinesnh stated. "I'm sorry WHAT??? I get to come to a hotel, AND PET CATS????? TAKE MY CARD," exclaimed @empiiriline.

You don't need to drop hundreds of dollars on a room to visit these fluffy felines, either. "So let’s say hypothetically I get afternoon tea at the Lanesborough - does this mean I can pet the kitty?" asked @cat.ej. "Yes!" the video's creator replied. That genuinely sounds like the best spot for tea in all of London!

Would we travel across the world just to stay in a fancy hotel with a resident cat? No. But if we were deciding on hotels in that area, the cat would probably be the factor that clinched our decision!