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Man's Video About the Reality of Hotel Breakfast Buffets Is Totally On-Point

One of the nicest comps that come along with your hotel stay is the breakfast buffet they offer every morning. No need to try to find a local brunch spot with bougie prices and crowded seating. Just walk on down and treat yourself to some quick free breakfast!

The TikTok couple's account @letterboxlove recently made a video documenting one weird quirk that many of us do when settling in for a hotel breakfast, which they have aptly dubbed "The awkward 2 second wait" in the description. Do you do this?

LMAO! This is just too true. Was this relatable for you? We know it was for us. It's like you've got to stake a claim first psychologically, but just for a second, and then it's off to the buffet! LOL!

How did others find this video? Unsurprisingly, it rang pretty true for most commenters. "Omg. So true!!! 😂😂," agreed @vonulita77. "Why do we do this?! 😂😂" wondered @leisharees. Why, indeed!

That said, many took issue with their seat-claiming tactics... you gotta do more than touch your butt down for two seconds to secure your table! "Last time I traveled alone I had 3 different tables, they got stolen every time I went back for more 😂" lamented @fernweh65. So how do other hotel guests save their spots?

"Failed to bring the hoodie you’ve no intention of wearing to put on the back of the chair," commented @petermassay. "Place serviette on the back of the chair... THAT TABLE IS CLAIMED AS MINE!" exclaimed @voiceofreason123456. There's also strength in numbers: "One sits and waits for the other to get the drinks then both go up for food 😅," said @imani__elizabeth.

It's funny to think about how territorial we get over something as relatively minor as hotel breakfast. Guess you should never stand between a hotel guest and their table on which to eat their complementary pastries!

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