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Travel Expert Shares 5 Simple Tips for Saving Money on Hotels

Money is a big issue when traveling. Landing a great deal on flights or hotel stays can potentially make or break a whole trip. Many experienced frequent travelers have found out ways to game the system to hunt down the best deals possible, so they can stretch out their travel budgets for longer.

TikTok traveler influencer @raimeetravels has been traveling the world for ten years now. In that time, she's developed 5 key tips to help traveler score the best deals on hotels!

 We are so into these tips. We're kinda with her on hotels now- Airbnbs aren't typically cheaper than most hotels at this point (in most areas) and the experiences you get with them are widely variable. Hotels, on the other hand, are pretty dependable as long as you stay with reputable ones. Armed with these tips, you can work your prices down to find the perfect stay that fits your budget best. Google, of course, is great at aggregating results as she demonstrated, but some of her other tips- such as price-matching with the hotel or using an AARP discount- will really help you get that bang for your buck! Plus, they're all easy to follow- you don't need to jump through any weird, esoteric hoops to land these sweet deals.

"Thank you @Raimee I’m staying in an Airbnb now and this will be the LAST. I LOVE hotels super safe for solo female travelers," @mimi_labelle2 expressed her gratitude. "I had no idea you could join AARP and not be a senior citizen! Great tip!" remarked @seasun310.

There is one caveat you may want to consider, though. "The other thing is if you book through a third party, you can’t get loyalty points," pointed out @nanastraveltips. This is true, although Raimee does seem to advocate booking directly through the hotel whenever possible. We'd say go with the option that is most likely to get you the savings you need- but whenever it's possible to get your desired prices through the hotel's website itself, go with that.

These tips rock, and we can safely say that we're going to start implementing them for our future hotel searches. Great stuff, Raimee!

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