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Stunning Hotel in Paris That's Newly Renovated and So Charming Makes Us Want to Book a Trip

If you want to rest luxuriously while taking a trip to Paris, France, you're going to want to locate the best and bougiest accommodations the city has to offer. Well, today we'd like to highlight a stunning option that'll have you saying "ooh la la"!

TikTok travel influencer @ejoeverywhere shows us around her room at the Hotel Beige a newly renovated Parisian hotel. Its interior is chic and modern, and as for the views... well, we won't give away the surprise- take a look.

That's right- even from a significant distance, Ms. Ejo was treated to a bit of a view of the iconic Eiffel Tower from her hotel room. That night shot in particular was magnificent! Even the local view of the street is perfectly Parisian- as one user remarked, "Reminds me of Emily in Paris' view." This looks like a five-star stay!

Of course, her fans were clamoring to know more. Several users particularly wanted to know which room had this special view. "Prestige room - Eiffel Tower view xx"- answered @ejoeverywhere. BRB...writing this down for our own purposes!

"Is there AC?" asked @ashtounding_. Definitely a good question to ask, as many European accommodations don't have central AC, and this summer has been particularly hot. "Yesss there is!" @ejoeverywhere enthusiastically replied- thank goodness!

Plus, it's in a great location, as the video's creator tells us, "You can walk right to the galleria Lafayette opera so in a very good area!" All of this sounds ideal for a truly iconic Paris vacation. Book us for the Prestige Room at the Hotel Beige, please!

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