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Woman's Tour of Her Hostel Room in Mexico City Isn't What We Expected

Hostels definitely aren't for everyone.

There are a lot of ways to cut costs while traveling, and using hostels instead of hotels or resorts are a big one. The cost difference can be huge, especially if you're willing to share a room and bathroom with strangers — though of course, they typically aren't as comfortable as a more expensive place to stay would be.

But not all hostels have to make you hostile, and this one in Mexico City might be one of the coolest we've seen. One traveler on TikTok, @billiewebbb, shared a tour of one she stayed at while visiting, and for $30 a night, we were expecting something much different. 

This is actually kind of cute! 

Though she is sacrificing her privacy by sleeping in a room full of bunk beds, the bunk she ended up with actually looks pretty cozy (and, most importantly, clean). It did come with blackout shades at each bed, though, and a place to store luggage and other belongings. Those who stayed in the hostel also shared a bathroom with several showers and toilets, and they all looked pretty clean, too. 

The hostel also came equipped with a communal kitchen and workspace with wifi, making it easy to work while you're traveling on the cheap. Honestly not a bad way to save money and see the world! 

Of course, plenty of people in the comments had concerns about safety, but hostels definitely aren't for everyone — and if this looks like a fun adventure to you, go for it!