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Woman's Horrific In-Flight Experience Is Honestly Everyone's Worst Nightmare

Worst. Flight. EVER! Traumatic instances mid-flight are rare, but unfortunately, they do occur. We absolutely hope this never happens to you. Human beings all react differently to situations and even more so while under duress. As flight attendants sometimes say, 'buckle up, this flight will be a little 'bumpy!'

TikTok video creator @angelinanicollle shares her 'nauseating' story that will actually have you grabbing Dramamine before the end of the clip! Wait until you hear what went down (or up?) during the takeoff of her very long flight. What happened to her was beyond horrific. Would you be able to stay buckled in your seat? 

OMG. Can you even? This poor woman. (And poor dude too.) TikTok fans all agree this is an absolute nightmare! User @dominiquesofia declares, "*Buzzes flight attendant* screaming, 'we need a garbage bag!" OMG, we're thinking the exact same thing! Help, please, and fast! Another comment from @bethmaryhavens states, "This is legit my worst nightmare. I would have gotten up screaming. They could arrest me for all I care, OMG!" We'd totally be up and yelling, too. 

Another person who watched the clip, @hayhayj325 adds, "Hearing someone throw up makes me throw up so that whole row would be covered." Yup, us too! We honestly can't even get over how calm this woman was during the whole ordeal. She's a lot braver than we are! 

There really is no preparation or advice we can offer for extreme circumstances like this. Our bodies sometimes are uncontrollable even when we try with all of our might. For us, we'd immediately be joining in on the barfing symphony or we'd be handcuffed by the Air Marshall and taken to the back of the plane. At the very least, we'd request a new seat assignment! Again, this POOR woman. We seriously would not wish this on our worst enemy.