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Abandoned New Orleans-Themed Hotel in Ohio Is Really Kind of Sad

New Orleans is famed worldwide for its raucous nightlife, including iconic areas like Bourbon Street and its French Quarter, as well as its over-the-top Mardis Gras celebrations. For those who couldn't hoof the trip out to Louisiana though, there used to be another place where you could experience a bit of that New Orleans vibe... at least, until 2019.

The TikTok account @abandonedcentral is dedicated to urban exploration of abandoned properties. In this video, they take us on a trip through the now-demolished Holiday Inn French Quarter Hotel in Perrysburg, Ohio, which was open from 1967 to 2019. Though far from the Mississippi Delta, this hotel did a pretty good job capturing that New Orleans flair in its heyday.

Honestly, it's a shame this place closed down, because it looks like a lot of fun. For Ohioans who couldn't afford a full trip down to New Orleans, this was probably a killer way to experience some of the same vibes and nightlife. The decorations are on point and really capture the look of Bourbon Street. And that Model T must have been so fun to ride around in! We guess nothing lasts forever, but it's still a shame.

"Best hotel ever. Indoor/outdoor pool connected together with the bridge over it. And the in door putt putt. Sad to see it go, spent some time there.😂," reminisced @toddbasinger1977. "Brilliant idea and it had a good run. 50 years ain’t bad," remarked @peruniana88. The hotel even got the stamp of approval from NOLA locals: "So sad, I am from Nola and this would be a awesome hotel here in the area," lamented @thingsthatiknow.

What a neat blast from the past this was! It's a real shame to see it go. We hope something like it comes up to take its place eventually.