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Video of Rare 'Hogwarts Express' Announcement at Kings Cross Station Is Going Viral

It only happens once a year and people come from all over to hear it.

It's been well over 20 years since the first book in the famed Harry Potter series was published, but the characters (and the Wizarding World) are still just as real to those who grew up reading the books as children. We see it in what a huge cultural phenomenon the franchise still is today — both with longtime fans and new. 

Those who love the series know that students go back to Hogwarts every September through Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station in London, and once a year, people gather from all over on September 1 for something really special the station does for the occasion, and thanks to @blondielik on TikTok, we can see it happen without actually being there (as much as we wish we were!). 

Seriously — this must be so cool to witness in person.

Every year, there's an announcement made about the Hogwarts Express boarding at Kings Cross, followed by the iconic soundtrack from the movie playing over the loudspeaker. As we can see in the video, hundreds of fans have gathered (some even bringing along their wands) to hear the announcement for themselves.

It's wild to hear how silent the entire station goes when the announcement is made. Nobody wants to miss this! 

Plenty of fans are jealous of those who were able to be there in person, according to the comments on the video. 

"All these people sharing a beautiful moment together about something they love. I’d love to be there," one person wrote.

This seems like a magical experience for any Harry Potter fan. Anybody else want to book a trip to the UK for next September?