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New Addition Coming to 'Universal Studios Hollywood' Is a Harry Potter Fan's Dream

One of the Universal Studios theme parks' biggest draws is its Halloween Horror Nights, which both the Orlando and Hollywood locations run from September and October. Marrying adrenaline-pumping thrill rides with scream-inducing frights, Halloween Horror Nights attracts tons of theme park fans and horror enthusiasts alike every year!

Well, for this year's Halloween Horror Nights in the Hollywood park, there's an extra addition that is guaranteed to entice the Harry Potter fans among the crowds. If you've ever read the books or seen the movies, you remember the Death Eaters- the throngs of evil witches and wizards that serve Voldemort. Chillingly, they shall walk among the crowds at Universal Studios Hollywood's Wizarding World this fall! TikTok user @falleninwonderland gives us a creepy preview of the horrors yet to come:

Now that's quite the dramatic entrance! We can't wait to see how they'll up the spooky ante when the Halloween season rolls around. Apparently, the Death Eaters have paid a visit to the Orlando location during the previous season- looks like this will be the Death Eaters' big Hollywood debut! Well, since the movies came out. You know what we mean.

However, commenters' reactions to the intimidating Death Eater were less frightened and more...well...  "Bro's lowkey hot and he didn’t even show his face," exclaimed one user. "Why am I blushing," said @mirette.oriane. "My toxic trait is that I'd fall in love with them," admitted @jessica_rose99. Many of the comments reflected similar statements.

Talk about falling for a bad boy. We don't know if this was the reaction that the folks at Universal were aiming for, but it certainly is a strong one! We guess some fans will be able to appreciate this Halloween addition in more ways than one!

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