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Airbnb's 'Sanderson Sisters Cottage' Is a 'Hocus Pocus' Fan's Dream Come True

Any major Hocus Pocus fan will flip for this.

If you're a big Hocus Pocus fan, there's a good chance you've been counting down to the September 30 release of Hocus Pocus 2 for awhile now. Seeing the Sanderson sisters back in action after all these years is going to be magical for those of us who watch the movie as part of our Halloween tradition every year. And now, there's another way to celebrate.

There's an actual Hocus Pocus Airbnb in Salem, Massachusetts (where else?) and a fellow Disney Halloween star — Kimberly J. Brown from Halloweentown — got the chance to visit. She shared her experience on TikTok (@officialkjb) and it truly does look like a dream come true for fans.

It looks exactly like the Sanderson Sister's cottage from the movie, both inside and out. It's definitely creepy before you walk in, but once you're inside, the theming kicks up a notch with a smoking cauldron and glowing floorboards. Even the famous spell book can be found in the house, along with the Black Flame Castle. 

Guests in the cottage sleep in the loft (Winifred's bedroom is in the basement), and the amazing theming still runs through there, too. It's gorgeous!

Starting October 12, this Airbnb can actually be booked for just $31 a night (since Halloween is October 31). Only two lucky guests will be chosen for a one night stay in the cottage, which will include a special screening of Hocus Pocus 2.

We're so jealous of the people who get to stay there. This is so magical.