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Hotel Rooms That Open Directly Into a Hockey Arena Are an NHL Fan's Dream

Do you love hockey? While hockey falls behind sports like football and basketball in terms of US viewership, it's still a very popular sport both in America and all over the world.. The most harcore hockey fans would probably live in the arena if they could.

Well, we don't know about living their full-time, but if you've ever wanted to stay in a hockey arena, this suite is the spot for you. The Nokia Arena in Tampere, Finland has connected suites that open up into the arena, as this video shared by TikTok user @bardown shows.

Forget center ice- at Tampere, you can stay slumber ice! Heinously bad jokes aside, this is pretty "suite"- alright, we're done for real this time. As much as the NHL has a following here in America, hockey is way bigger in Finland. For fans of the international hockey scene, this is the ultimate suite. No need to plan your trek from the hotel into the arena when you can just stay inside the arena itself!

Hockey fans were going gaga over this gnarly suite. "OMG! This is a dream place!!" @iammeyouareyou10 admired. "My. God. I would kill for that experience," exclaimed @garybuck6. You'd definitely have to be a hardcore hockey fan to want to stay here, though. "Could you guys turn down the volume out there? I'm trying to sleep!" joked @marcusmcdermett.

That said, the charm of these rooms do wear off quickly for those that had to spend extended periods of time there. "Not that great. When I started coaching we had to spend many nights in the rink," stated @pattycakesags. 

We could see the allure wearing off fast if you had to stay there a lot for work. For the ultimate hockey-themed vacation, though, this would be a real treat for serious hockeyheads!

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