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Videos Detailing the 'History of Dark Rides' at Amusement Parks Is Blowing People's Minds

We're scarred for life after hearing this.

Anyone who's been to theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios knows that there's more behind the rides and the theming there than just entertainment — especially at parks like Disneyland, which date back to the '50s. There's actually some pretty interesting history there... even though some of it is a bit NSFW. 

Case in point: The history of dark rides at amusement parks like Disney, as one woman, @mrgtfrench, is sharing on TikTok. Thanks to her research, she's discovered that the People Mover (which was originally a ride at Disneyland and can now be found only at Disney World) was actually a take on the Tunnel of Love... and all that it implies.

Yep, apparently, people used to use these rides for a little privacy to hook up... and as if that wasn't scarring enough to hear, that's not all. 

She also shared more in other videos in this series about dark rides, including a bit of background on a ride called The Ghost Train, which is a bit scarier. 

This is seriously some fascinating stuff. 

Next time we go on a dark ride, we'll be thinking a bit more about the history behind it... and who might have been getting it on in our seat decades ago. Hey, it happened!