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'Historical Secrets' Being Revealed Across the World Due to How Severe Drought Is

Much of the world this year has been hit with record droughts. Major principal rivers across the globe, such as the Danube in Europe and the Yangtze in China, have reached unprecedented lows.

There isn't much of a positive spin to this story- it's bad news no matter how you cut it. What is curious, though, is that the receding water levels have revealed many historical secrets, some dating back hundreds, or even thousands, of years or more. The official @viceworldnews TikTok account shares the story:

These are truly fascinating historical finds. Dating from the World War II era all the way back millions of years to the time of the dinosaurs, these are incredible discoveries for archaeologists and historians alike. If only the reason they were uncovered wasn't so grim...

Reactions in the comments were, understandably, also mixed. "The environmentalist in me is saddened, but the archaeologist in me is excited," commented @listsrwhittle. "At least climate change is giving us some cool stuff to study before yeeting all life on earth out of existence 🫠," quipped @carmarellooo. Hey, always look on the bright side of life.

Reportedly, some of the historical finds being uncovered by the droughts have even darker portents than the ones shown here. "In Germany drought stones can be seen now that the water has gone back so much. They read “if you see me, weep”," shared one user. Oh, dear. 

While these uncovered historical secrets are undoubtably cool, they draw our attention to the rapidly growing climate crisis as well. Let's do our best to combat climate change so that future generations can still be there to appreciate historic finds like these.