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Unique Historic Inn in New York City Looks Like Something Out of a Story Book

Many hotels and Airbnbs in New York City can be way too expensive or just way too small. It's honestly so hard to find a spacious place to stay while visiting the Big Apple. Luckily, one TikTok creator found a hidden gem that is unique, quaint, and so charming, to say the least. 

The video of this cute place was shared by @travelingterry. It's called the Incentra Village Hotel, and it's located between Jane street and 12th street in NYC. We can't get over how adorable this place is. And the rooms look so big for it being in the middle of the West Village. You have to see this. 

We don't know why this video isn't getting a bit more traction. This place is just too cute and we're obsessed with it! Some people had questions on the logistics of this place. One person asked, "How do you check in/out? Is there a person on site?" The creator of the video responded with, "Yes, there was a super sweet check-in guy right next door in the main building. He’s there until 11pm, I believe." Good to know! 

Other commenters are loving this place just as much as we are. One user, @Diesel3579, said "Good to know for the next time we spend a night in NYC." We can't wait to check it out! 

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