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Woman's Hilarious Encounter With Man on Train Has Us Rolling With Laughter

We don't spend most of our time packed into small spaces with strangers, but when you ride on a bus, train, or plane, you often end up sitting next to people you've never met before or will ever again. This can end up leading to some pretty awkward encounters. Luckily, a lot of those encounters are hilarious!

When TikTok user @patbooth910 was riding on the train, she made a pretty innoucuous, offhand comment about something there. The passneger next to her's response had her- and us- dying of laughter!

LMFAO! The passenger's comeback had us aboslutely rolling. It was such a silly, if inoffensive mistake for Pat to make, but the comeback was the cherry on top. Even funnier than the passenger's response, however, was her uncontrollable laughter. We've all been their- you're laughing too hard and trying to calm down, but you just can't help it! That laughter is the most infectious kind of all, and it got to us too!

Viewers of the video shared their own side-splitting interactions with strangers while out and about. "I was on the bus with my friend and asked her 'Does something smell like, really intense banana?' and a man in front of us, eating a banana, said, 'It's me'," shared @peachplumpare. LOL, that'll do it!

Some were really rough. "I snatched candy out of my mom's shopping cart once and whispered 'You said you wanted to lose weight.' Turns out it wasn't my mom," admitted @jana_m1chelle. Good GOD. We'd probably hide under a rock for a week if that happened to us!

Still, other stories knocked our socks off- the ones that happened on airplanes seemed to be the most hilarious ones of all. "I finally found my shoes under my plane seat when the lights were out and pulled them towards me. The man behind me woke up pulling his feet back and yelled," recalled @veeveevoo22. LMFAO! "My dad took his SANDALS off in an airplane and the little boy in front of us asked his mom if she farted," said @ashanteiscool.

OK, no more, we gotta stop- if we keep going, we're gonna cry our eyes out with laughter! Small talk with strangers is hard, and mix-ups and mistakes happen all the time. At least we have the grace to laugh at our own mistakes! Pat's train story had us cracking up- especially because clearly, we've all been there!

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