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Wife Turns Hiking Trip With Her Husband Into a Surprise Pregnancy Reveal and His Reaction Is Epic

This dude will never look at hiking the same way again.

Over the last few years, we've seen a lot of creative pregnancy reveals go viral. After all, it's some of the most exciting news that someone will ever get the opportunity to share — why not go all out? This includes moms-to-be sharing the news with their partners, too; they're given the unique opportunity to tell someone they're going to be a parent. 

Knowing that, it's easy to see why this pregnancy announcement from @laurenashliiie on TikTok is getting so much attention. She shared the big news with her husband while they were hiking, and it's safe to say he had no idea this news was coming (at least, not on that day). 

She shared footage from their hike in the video, including flashing the positive pregnancy test behind his back before she told him the news. It was a gorgeous day out and a beautiful hike, but little did he know the day would be memorable for more than just that! 

She pretended like she wanted to take a picture with him, but really, she was filming the moment she pulled out her pregnancy test to show him. He was immediately in shock, and then the tears came. This is just too sweet to watch! 

"I thought he might roll down the mountain," she admitted in her caption. 

Viewers of the video were cracking up at his reaction, including his "dad pose" that he did right after hearing the news.

"The man was FLABBERGASTED. You better get him some New Balances immediately. He’s got the dad stance locked in, now he needs the dad kicks," one person commented.

He's so excited, and we love it. Congrats to these two!