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Video of Woman Hiking Straight Up 'Half Dome' in Yosemite Has People Confused

Hiking is a common past-time for many travelers, tourists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Many trails are designed to be easily walkable for casual hikers. However, those that want a challenge often search for the steeper, more intimidating climbs out there!

One such challenging climb is the hike up the Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. At one point, it gets so steep that you have to hold on to cables to climb up the face of the summit, and most climbers need to acquire a special hiking permit for the trip. The challenge didn't scare off TikTok user @jess.wandering however, who ascended the steep summit with her friend @everchanginghorizon_. The video they captured gives us an idea as to how steep this climb really is!

Holy cow... that shot is unreal! It looks like she's climbing up at almost a 90-degree angle! She's making great time, though- we guess it's not so bad as long as you don't look back or down...gulp.

Some claim that the steep appearance is an optical illusion. "Not as steep as it looks y’all, rotate your phone till the trees are upright 😏," smirked @jimibigwater. We tried that, however, and honestly... it still doesn't look that much less steep! The cables and footholds are there for a reason- up until they were installed in 1920, most hikers could only fully ascend the Half Dome with climbing equipment!

Despite the steep face, many former climbers say the actual climb in this section isn't as bad as it looks. "The last part of half dome, actually it looks hard but it’s actually easy and you can rest on the slats of the wood, Did it many times!" recalled @michealhalleck. "It's honestly not that hard. Looks more intimidating than it is. I hiked this when I was 11 and this was the easiest part compared to the prior 6 hours," recounted @danny.ishida.

While some claim that this section isn't so bad, the overall hike is still intimidating- the total round-trip is 14-16 miles long, takes at least 10-12 hours, and you gain and lose nearly a mile of elevation over its course. Hikers are advised to be fully prepared if they attempt the Half Dome hike!

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