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Hikers Band Together to Ward Off Angry Mama Bear in Montana in Heartstopping Video

Bear awareness and safety training is important for any hiker, no matter how casual their hobby may be. Bears can become very territorial, and knowing what to do in a bear encounter could literally be the difference between life and death.

This terrifying encounter that a group of hikers had with a territorial mama bear in Montana's Glacier National Park shows just how important this training can be. Reagan Ray shared a video of the encounter to her TikTok account and it is heartstopping.

Reagan's description of the encounter is no less chilling. "When we started our hike at Logan Pass in Glacier NP they said the trail is closing due to bear activity. By the time we made it to where it was closed they park ranger told us it was “open and safe to proceed” we hiked about a mile further and stopped to take a picture. We look up and there is a man running with a bear and two cubs behind him. The bear then started running (not a walk. Not a trot. A run) towards us. We turned around to warn the next hikers and to get away from the bear. This momma bear was not having it. We were now a group of about 13 and it was us against this bear. We all banded together, made the most noise we possibly could, had bear spray ready, and anxiously screamed with the bear determining our fate."

This was a near miss. If they hadn't all banded together and followed their training, this video could have gone much differently. Every person's behavior matters, too. "Whoever was running was def a big part of the problem," observed @missmorgylove. "They didn’t speak English so it was near impossible to tell them to stop running," responded Reagan. This is why it's so important to read up on safety tips before you hike: even if there are language barriers in communication, if everyone follows the same universal rules, everyone stays safe!

Again, we have to applaud how well the hikers handled what must have been a terrifying experience! "Great job on your part for getting clumped up and appearing larger, plus the noise! Perfectly handled a stressful scenario," praised @julia.littlelightning. We hope this video resonated with our fellow hikers- it's never a bad time to review safety tips!

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