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Video of 'Downton Abbey' Castle Getting Decked Out for the Holidays Is So Festive

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Highclere Castle. If you're a fan of the ever-so-popular Downton Abbey British drama series, this would be a dream destination for you. The Castle is currently decked out to the 'max' in stunning and festive holiday decorations, that will absolutely not disappoint. This magical and joyous time of year at the castle is the perfect gift idea for any DA fan. 

We can't help but tap our toes and look up for the mistletoe while watching this video clip from TikTok creator @highclerecastle. It's so pretty and inviting! How fun would it be to get dressed as your most favorite character from DA and pretend for a day. Who would you be?

It's just so gorgeous and charming! TikTok viewers love the lavishness and attention to detail they take with all of the décor. This is so spectacular, and we want to go! Commenter @mhous13 proudly declares, "If Highclere says it’s Christmas, then I’m decorating today!" User @nayda1090 writes, "THEY HAVE A TIKTOK, MY DAY IS MADE!" We're following them now, too, and one can dream of a visit there, right? Fan @humphreyfarmnc questions, "Do you accept volunteers to help decorate who are from America and obsessed with Downton? No serious." We were wondering the same thing! 

Visiting Highclere Castle should be on everyone's list on their next trip to England. Even if you can't make it for the holiday tours, the Castle hosts many other special events throughout the year. How does having afternoon tea with Lady Carnarvon sound? Seriously, sign us up!

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