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Guest Finds Super Cool Secret Staircase Hidden in Airbnb

Some Airbnbs are pretty straightforward and structured just like any other houses or apartments. Not all Airbnbs are so plain, though. In fact, some have cool hidden surprises incorporated into their design!

At first glance, the Ohio Airbnb that TikTok user @darcithomas3 was staying at seemed pretty basic, if sleek-looking. However, upon further inspection, Darci found a really neat hidden surprise worked into the living room!

A secret hidden staircase? Mysteries abound! What could be down at the bottom of that spiral staircase? Some viewers were pushing Darci to explore, like @stephaniejensen37: "Show us where it goes lol." However, others, put off by one certain recent horror hit, were more wary about exploring secret hidden staircases in an Airbnb... "After Barbarian ain't no way I'm going down... In fact I'm bolting the floor down," stated @joshuanic87.

Putting apprehension aside, Darci went down the secret staircase to explore. This is what she found:

Oh yeah... that was well worth the trip down. It's a den full of arcade games and table games for visitors to enjoy! Upon further inspection, the den is also clearly accessible from the outside as well- no risk of a creepy labyrinth like in Barbarian after all. Still, the discovery of the hidden staircase makes this place all the cooler! "Way better than a murder room," agreed @takelifebythethroat.

Now that the "secret" behind this Airbnb was revealed, others excitedly wanted to know more. "Wow! What was this Hocking Hills house called?" @moniquesmomlife wanted to know- and we're pretty curious ourselves. This is the Cantwell Lodge at the Cliffs at Hocking Hills in Rockbridge, Ohio- and if you're curious, the place can be booked directly through their website here!

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