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Secret Trick for Finding Hidden Money in Hotel Rooms Is Going Viral

Yeah, ok, so a TikTok video was shared by @d3adskulls back in January, and people are honestly wondering if it's too good to be true. The creator has since added follow-up videos recently that share the same tricks, but this original compilation clip went viral with over 7 million views. And if what he's showing us is true, it's easy to see why people are all hyped up about it.

The text on the video reads, "Check these spots in ur hotel room for free money." In the footage, you'll see him going around to various places in the room, where lo and behold, he finds secret stashes of cash. Um, is this for real?!

What the what?! We never would've thought of hiding money in the ice bucket, let alone the thermostat. But if people really do this, why would they forget to grab the cash again before checking out? Not surprisingly, people couldn't wait to weigh in about what's really happening, here. One commenter, @Triniti Baker said, "I always hide my tips at hotels so only the housekeepers that actually clean will find them. 🤷‍♀️" @Kita echoed that sentiment, adding, "Some people hide tips to make sure the rooms are being cleaned properly." (But why are they cleaning behind the thermostat? Moving on.)

A housekeeper, @Tay W, actually chimed in, saying, "When I was a housekeeper at the Hampton, someone left a tip in the microwave. Most creative tip I’ve ever gotten." Hmm. That does seem like a good spot? And @Mel found a little more than a few dollar bills one time, saying, "I haven’t found money yet, but I did find someone’s drivers license, debit card, health insurance card & silver wedding band in between the mattresses." Yikes! Hope it was returned to them.

Whether or not locating hidden stashes of money in a hotel room is an actual thing remains to be seen. But hey, there's only one way to find out, right? And you know what they say: finders keepers! 

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