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Hidden Gem Castle in Colorado That's Free to the Public Is Definitely Worth the Trip

When you think of amazing castles, you'd expect most of them to be over in Europe. However, while they may not be as old as the castles over in Europe, there are some pretty incredible castles here in North America- including a particularly stunning one in central Colorado.

Bishop's Castle is, astonishingly, almost entirely a one-man project, with its architect, Jim Bishop, building the castle by himself by hand (though in later years his son has been rumored to be stepping in to help his aging father). TikTok influencer Nelson Holland, aka @fatblackandgettinit, takes us on an amazing walkthrough of the castle grounds- it has to be seen to be believed.

This is ASTONISHING. We can't believe that one man built this all by hand! It's beautiful, from the Gothic-arched stained glass windows to the tall towers where one can view the surrounding countryside for hundreds of miles. As Nelson said, this place would make for some amazing autumn leaf-peeping as the foliage begins to change over the next few weeks. Bishop's Castle is a beautiful oddity and a real treat for tourists and locals alike.

Many Colorado locals had fond memories of Bishop's Castle. "Last I went was in the dead of winter and it was extra magical with deep snow all around," @asmattering recalled. That would truly be a sight to see! "We threw raves there in the late 90's!!!" @tahneelochhead reminisced. "Been there a few times as a child and adult. I've taken my kids. it's amazing. Jim Bishop is awesome," shared @numberone7dustfan.

One word of advice, though- since this is a one-man passion project, it doesn't have the same rigorous safety standards that most construction projects have to follow, so visit with caution. "There is also a sign posted that alleviates the owner of any liability. He charges nothing for a reason- be careful!" advised @thisisthegrey. This isn't to say that you shouldn't go if you really want to, but understand the risks if you do. Even keeping them in mind though, this place is definitely one of Colorado's many hidden gems.