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Video of 'Heaven on Earth' Bedroom in Austria Looks Straight Out of a Fairytale

Two things that anyone wants from their ideal hotel room are adequate privacy and a breathtaking view. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice one to get the other, but sometimes, you can have both in a truly spectacular combination!

TikTok user @_lumadeline documents breathtaking vacation destinations from all over the world, including five-star hotel stays. In this video, she shows us a room at Dolomitenhütte, an alpine chalet in Tirol, Austria, with a mountain view that's like nothing we've ever seen. Your jaw will drop when you see this view.

We simply could not believe how incredible this view was. With how vast the outlook stretches out on the other side of those floor-to-ceiling windows, and the way it suddenly drops off seemingly below your feet, it gives one the illusion that you're suspended in mid-air... definitely a perfect way to experience a stay in the mountains!

Naturally, many were entranced by the shocking and beautiful view, plus the simple and chic look of the room itself. "My jaw just dropped …😳wow," expressed @thede.jongs. "Europe is just magical!" said @weird.n.wired. Apparently, the price of the room itself isn't even that bad by resort standards- as @crooz01 commented, "@jac this is our next holiday only €70 a night." Not bad!

Of course, the vastness and heights were not as enticing to other viewers! "This is an anxiety attack," expressed one user. "Am I the only one trying not to faint?" wondered @marleytiqtoq. Well, nothing's right for everyone- if you have a fear of heights, this may not be the room for you. However, if you plan to visit Tirol and crave that gorgeous alpine view, consider contacting the Dolomitenhütte and inquiring after a room with a view!