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Woman's Reaction to Twin Brother Surprising Her on Her Flight Is Way Too Cute

Twins seem to have a crazy unexplainable connection that goes beyond even what most normal siblings have. It isn't something that you can easily explain, but innately, twins just seem to able to know the other one very well and can even sense them.

That twin connection was both the driving force behind TikTok user's @chaunseee's master plan and also almost its downfall! He wanted to surprise his sister on a visit to their family that he claimed he couldn't join- but he wanted to wait to surprise them until they were already on the flight. Quite the tricky scheme- let's see if he pulled it off!

He was committed to that scheme! We couldn't count how many close calls he had- his sister even spotted him, though he managed to throw her off of his scent. Say what you will, he saw it through to the end and delivered quite the lovely surprise! Her reaction to seeing him on the plane was so cute.

Their deeply shared connection was definitely felt by other twins who watched the video. "The twin connection, aww. We’re identical, love this vid sm! Way to pull it off🤗," congratulated @lollyjaneblog. "She recognized you by YOUR PANTS 😂😂😂 I'm dying. I can recognize my brother by his walk 😂😂," @karigan.dragon.

Some of the responses this video got had us choking up. "Okay not me sobbing at the finger thing. I have never seen ANYONE do it also. In our family it’s a subtle way of I love you / affection," shared @wildfluf. It's so amazing what traditions and quirks total strangers can share!

We think this brother wins the Sibling of the Week award for sure. We hope their family vacation was absolutely fantastic!

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