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Video of Pristine Beach With Crystal-Clear Water in St. John Gives Us Major Vacation Vibes

As summer starts fading into fall, many summer lovers are hoping to hold onto the warm days and beachy weather. Fall is the off-season for many Caribbean destinations, and many savvy travelers pick this time of year to take a tropical trip.

If you're considering a tropical vacation destination this fall, and you want a place that's truly memorable, consider the US Virgin Islands. One benefit of traveling here is that US citizens don't need a passport to go. The natural beauty of the islands is something to be seen. TikTok user @wanderlustismari took a trip to St. John in the Virgin Islands, where the water is like crystal.

That is simply gorgeous! We are blown away by just how clear the water is! We can already imagine snorkeling and checking out all the tropical fish swimming by. We wish we were there already.

"Swam with the turtles there in 2009. Unforgettable!!" recalled @ramblin.rose. Ugh, jealous, that sounds amazing. "St John is our happy place!! 🏝," @jeanhlucas commented. "One of the most beautiful places I've ever been," agreed @dbomaximus216.

Of course, with any kind of tropical vacation, one most consider the costs. "Flights are just a million dollars," @leanne.renee80 lamented. However, the video's creator says otherwise: "No i paid less than 150 with Spirit and Frontier from Florida." OK, not bad! Not much word on hotel prices- but again, with the Caribbean entering its tourism off-season, you can expect to see some good deals coming up real soon!

We love the natural beauty of these islands. If only we were sitting on that beach ourselves right now...