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Massive Wave 'Crashes' Wedding in Hawaii in Video That Has Us Shaking Our Heads

This gives new meaning to the term "wedding crashing."

Destination weddings are appealing options for those getting married for a lot of reasons. It's a built-in excuse for limiting the guest list, sometimes, they're even cheaper than weddings at home, and to be honest, who doesn't want to get married in paradise? But when it comes to tying the knot right next to the ocean, well... certain precautions must be taken.

And unfortunately, in footage from one Hawaii wedding that @malikadudley1 shared on TikTok, it seems like those celebrating weren't prepared for the size of the waves that interrupted the reception! 

This gives a whole new definition to the idea of "wedding crashing'... 

No word on whether the wedding partiers were warned about the potential for tall waves beforehand or not, but they certainly looked shocked when their entire reception was knocked out at the Hulihe'e Palace. 

Nearly 3,000 of the more than two million people who viewed the video commented on the situation, which took place on July 16. 

"Apparently all the red flags during the dating stage wasn’t enough," one person joked, while some commented about trying harder to save the cake and the beer before the wave hit.

Others were more concerned for everyone's safety and couldn't understand why people were just standing there watching.

"I just don’t understand the laughing though. I would have seen that first one and out the door I go!" someone else added. 

Let this be a lesson to anyone planning to celebrate (or even hang out) next to the ocean — nature can certainly be dangerous and unpredictable.

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