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Hawaii Local's Impersonation of Visitors to the Islands Is Just Priceless

It's totally spot-on!

It's easy to see why Hawaii is such a popular tourist destination: It has gorgeous beaches, yummy food, and is relatively easy to get to from anywhere in the US (though it can require pricy and lengthy flights, depending on where you live). But let's face it — not all tourists know how to behave when they're visiting somewhere that has a pretty different culture than the one they're used to. We wouldn't blame those who live in Hawaii if they were over all the tourists coming in and out all year long! 

We can only imagine what the locals think when they see visitors reacting to everything in Hawaii... and now, we sort of have an idea. Hawaii native @islandmagicmike shared his impression of tourists, and we just have to laugh (even though we can admit to having said one or two of these things before). 

In the video, the man is standing on the shore, looking at out at the beach, and yelling to his "friends" about everything he sees, including fish in the water — what a concept! 

The real comedy comes when he decides to go snorkeling, though, and puts on his mask and fins. He's diving into the shallow area of the beach, he's coughing up water, he's freaking out that something in the water is touching him... LOL. 

Plenty of people who see themselves in this video weren't too ashamed to admit it in the comments, so we have to give them credit for that.

"I’ve literally never been called out so hard IN MY LIFE," one person commented, while another added, "HEY! When we come from fields of cows and pasture or concrete jungles it is a surreal thing to be anywhere else." 

If you act a bit too touristy while traveling out of your own excitement, that's okay — it's a new experience! As long as you're respectful of everyone and everything around you (including the locals), freak out as much as you want. But maybe try not to drink the ocean water...