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Haunted Former Restaurant in Texas Is Truly Giving People the Creeps

Typically, when you think of places that are haunted, you think of haunted houses or mansions, or places like old prisons or hospitals where many dark things happened. But how many of you have heard of a haunted restaurant?

There was once a restaurant in Waxahachie, Texas, called the Catfish Plantation, which had a long and storied past. It was rumored to have harbored three ghosts, each with their own unique paranormal phenomena. Though the Catfish Plantation is now closed, the building still stands. Paranormal TikTok enthusiast @theparanormalprincess walked around the grounds of the Catfish Plantation and tells us its story!

This is absolutely wild. A haunted catfish restaurant- who knew? Some of the stories and rumors were really crazy- if the stories about the wine glasses being randomly thrown around are true, we'd freak out. One wonders why the restaurant closed, as we couldn't find any information saying why. Did the hauntings get to be too much?

Guests who had been there before the restaurant's closure reported their own spooky experiences. "I was touched while waiting to be seated. I was lucky l had an experience 😊. I hope it reopens," recounted @starcrossedlife. "Ahh we used to go there all the time! The womens bathroom was always creepy 😬," recalled @hannah._.mccabe. "I lived up the road from there , the building has burnt down several times, & rebuilt," said @deniceflanagan. Whoa, WHAT? What could have happened? The mysteries continue to grow!

We really hope this place gets bought and reopened to the public eventually. We want to find out for ourselves if these stories are true!