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Couple Unknowingly Books 'Haunted Mansion' in New Jersey and People Are Here for It

How do you feel about haunted houses? While many people avoid them like the plague, there are some who go out of their way to stay at places with haunted reputations, because they're curious about the supernatural.

While @mdinnj is not much of a "ghost chaser" herself, she handled it surprisingly well when she found out that the mansion that she and her family booked a stay in was haunted- after they were already checking out! She made a video documenting their stay at the Southern Mansion in Cape May, New Jersey, and it just gets weirder and weirder the longer it goes on!

We can certainly see what initially drew them to the place. With its sunny grounds and observatory and colorful interior decoration, the mansion looks so bright, vibrant, and fun that it's hard to imagine spirits walking its halls! However, once night fell, things got weirder and weirder. We would have been totally freaked out upon finding out the house was haunted after enduring a night full of strange sounds, jiggling doorknobs, and- ...unexpected ghostly butt-touches.

However, she seemed to take it in stride, saying that she doesn't think the ghosts are bad, just lonely. She gives the place a glowing recommendation- maybe the lonely ghosts will be extra friendly if she ever revisits, considering that she may be helping attract more visitors! In fact, many people just didn't know that an overnight stay there was an option! "We drive by here every time we go to Cape May, but I didn't know you could actually stay in it. I thought you could only do tours," said @savannahl1029. "I want to stay. Gorgeous ❤️," stated @loreedaisy.

"Wow, so beautiful, and good-looking people in the photos," commented one user. Someone pass the message along to the ghosts, we bet they'll be flattered!

Would you brave a night in this mansion? The more we hear about it, the less scary these ghosts sound... though we hope they get a bit better about respecting personal space with future guests!