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'Haunted' Hamburger Joint In Long Island Serves Up Food and Frights

In 1984, Al Jorgensen of the band Ministry sang that "every day is Halloween" in his goth anthem of the same name. Nearly four decades later, most people still haven't caught up with ol' Al. However, goth culture has had a resurgence over the past few years and with it, a growing appreciation of all things spooky. 

If you want to eat like every day is Halloween, one Long Island burger joint is suited to your tastes. Spooky vlogger Weronika aka @creepyhistoryclass takes us to the Haunted House of Hamburgers!

Who knew that Halloween and hamburgers could go together so perfectly! This ain't your basic burgers and fries joint, as evidenced by Weronika chowing down on fresh Caesar salad and stretchy mozzarella sticks. There's even vegan options so that all you vegan vampires and plant-based poltergeists can join in on the freaky feast. 

And the fun doesn't stop at the table. Wash down your bewitched burger with an creepily creative cocktail from the Vampire Bar- like seriously, a vampire bar? We're so there. Even the mad scientist corner has some frightful fun in store. "If you sit in the booths in the mad scientist area there is a lever you can pull that makes the booths to vibrate, so you can “shock” the other table!" informed @laurenmis87. 

Because the restaurant only opened this past fall, even Long Island locals are still catching up to it. "I’m in Farmingdale all the time. Definitely checking this out," said @christine.4444. "First time I’m hearing of this!!!!! My kids will freak!!!" @allegraswindoe exclaimed. "This is so awesome, definitely road trip worthy," @nachosalgado0702 chimed in- and we totally agree! 

October 31st only comes once a year, but if you've got that Halloween spirit going for all 365 days, it might be time to put the Haunted House of Hamburgers on your road trip bucket list. Bold, kitschy, and super spooky, Haunted House of Hamburgers is something truly unique.

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