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Historic Hotel in Galveston, Texas Comes With a Resident Ghost in Room 501

The story of Audra and why she haunts the hotel is actually pretty sad.

Though staying somewhere rumored to be haunted is a dealbreaker for a lot of travelers out there, for those fascinated by the paranormal, it can also be a huge selling point. And if you fall into that category, keep reading — we have the perfect destination for you.

As @theparanormalprincess shared on TikTok, there's a historic hotel in Galveston, Texas called the Grand Galvez. In the video, she shared the story of a woman named Audra who is thought to be haunting the hotel after frequently staying there in the '50s. She'd always stay in room 501 to see her fiancé sail back into the port, but one day, he never returned.

After she found out that his ship had sunk, Audra is believed to have taken her own life at the hotel... only for her fiancé to have survived the sinking and to return to Galveston to find out that she had died. 

"It's said that Audra is still here in room 501, and she likes to make herself known by turning lights on and off, slamming doors, and also interfering with electronic equipment," the video explained.

While there's no way to verify if Audra was a real guest at the hotel, her story is heartbreaking enough. If you want to see if her ghost interacts with you, it might be worth booking room 501... but only for the brave!  

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