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Dad 'Accidentally' Books a Haunted Hotel and Daughter Is Totally Creeped Out

It sounds like this place has quite the ghostly history.

Hot Springs, Arkansas has long been a place of mystery and wonder. From its oldest days as a resort town bathed in magical “healing” waters, stories of supernatural happenings are widespread.

The Arlington Hotel, which has stood in its current iteration for nearly a hundred years, is no stranger to such tales. But when this family reserved a room in this historic place, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into… or did they?

In this video, a father and daughter are checking into their hotel room, which appears to be room 621 in the Arlington Hotel. The daughter claims her father had no idea of the legends about the hotel when he booked, but from the amused, slightly mischievous expression on Dad’s face, we have our doubts.

Lucky for them, the sixth floor seems to be free of paranormal activity, which mainly seems to confine itself to strange goings-on on the seventh and eleventh floors, a ghostly bellman who wanders the halls of the fourth floor, and some flickering lights in the hotel’s ballroom.

On the fourth floor, in a room that once housed notorious gangster Al Capone, it is said that the scent of cigar smoke can often be smelled, despite the fact that it is a non-smoking facility.

“”Accidentally,’” says one viewer in the comments. “Best Dad joke ever.” “Most of the places in downtown Hot Springs are haunted,” warns another.

There is no word if this father and daughter saw a ghost, but if not, one look at Dad’s face says he would have been disappointed if the ghost of old Capone didn’t show up to bum a light. 

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