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Haunted Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona Makes for the Ultimate Spooky Stay

For over a century, ghosts and goblins have been the permanent residents at this historical landmark hotel located in Bisbee, Arizona. Built in 1902, the Copper Queen Hotel, Restaurant, and Bar has been the 'must see' tourist attraction for all enthusiasts of haunted houses, ghost stories, and spooky tales. If suspense and horror is your 'cup of tea,' then this place is for you!

TikTok creator @letthemeatthis shares this video from one of the most haunted cities in America. If you seek random noises, creaking floors, and voices from empty spaces, this is your kind of destination. Check out the Copper Queen Hotel in this clip and book your stay now!   

This certainly isn't for people who are afraid of ghosts! Patrons say the eeriest vibe is most popular on the 4th floor of the hotel. TikTok user @fadedkaos comments, "I have seen a ghost before. My friend saw it too. Yikes." Another commenter, @trishasparkles says, "I've never had a more supernatural experience, this place is totally haunted!!" We can only imagine... lights flickering, doors slamming, floorboards creaking. It sounds like a horror movie. "Also, while in that hotel, a man was checking out after having been there just a couple hours. he couldn't get out fast enough," writes @jamesmckee24. We have to admit, we would be scared, too!

Pack your ghostbuster equipment and plan your next 'spooky stay' at this famous destination, it won't disappoint! With Halloween fast-approaching, there's really no better time of year to take a trip to Bisbee. Boooooooo!

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